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Asterion AI is a National Science Foundation Award Winning startup leveraging state of the art machine learning to diagnose neurological abnormalities

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The Problem

Time is

40% of strokes are due to a large blood clot. However, only 5% of hospitals have the necessary resources and tools to remove a large clot. Ambulance personnel and First Responders lack the technology to accurately triage stroke patients, and do not know which hospital is appropriate for that patient. Unfortunately, this leads to delays in diagnosis and treatment, which in turn exacerbates the loss of brain tissue and can lead to worse neurologic outcomes.

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Our Solution



3-Minute Point of Care Diagnosis

Asterion AI's machine learning platform can classify EEG segments in just 3-minutes. First responders and ambulance personnel can triage patients rapidly and accurately, enabling prompt redirection to a stroke center capable of removing the clot and reducing time-to-diagnosis for patients. ​

Easily Portable

Non-invasive, lightweight for any setting

Electroencephalograms (EEG) can be transported with ease and provide healthcare personnel with a non-invasive measure to quickly quantify brain health in any setting.

Integration with AI

State of the art machine learning

Integrating Asterion AI's machine learning platform enables quick and accurate classification of abnormal EEGs. Our advanced machine learning platform learns from thousands of EEG recordings and uses the most up-to-date artifact removal algorithms to ensure the most accurate decision making.


Diagnostic Applications

The Future of Neurologic Diagnostics with our proprietary AI platform​

Prehospital Stroke Detection

Early identification of EVT-eligible stroke patients is crucial to reaching the right care setting and receiving the correct treatment.

Intraoperative Monitoring

Recognize subtle changes in neurological status intra-operatively, permitting early recognition of abnormalities before closure

Anoxic Brain Injury

Prognosis estimation following anoxic brain injury using quantitative EEG biomarkers

Encephalitis (Brain Infection)

Recognize early signs of inflammation in the brain

Epilepsy & Non-Convulsive Seizures

Diagnose epilepsy quickly using detection of abnormal electrical activity.

Sleep Disorders

Track and diagnose sleep disorders using EEG monitoring of sleep activity.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Identify the early signs of traumatic brain injury (TBI) following acute injuries to the head


Monitor and gauge brain health and function following onset of encephalopathy symptoms

Latest Achievements

Asterion Receives Letter of Interest from One of the Nation's Largest EMS Agencies

A top 10 county in the US delivered a letter expressing interest in conducting trials with Asterion AI's Machine Learning Platform.

December 2023

Asterion Launches Two Studies at Leading Clinical Institutions

Beginning in January 2021, Asterion AI has begun data acquisition studies to further validate the use of EEG in the clinical setting

January 2022

Asterion Wins National Science Foundation Phase I Grant Award (Non-Dilutive)

Asterion AI was awarded the prestigious National Science Foundation Phase I Award (less than 10% of applications are selected), providing a non-dilutive funding of $250,000.

March 2021


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April 2024

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